The worlds first subscription based FX trading solution. BluFX provides all participants with funded accounts to access the spot market.

Personal liability is limited to the subscription fee whilst offering unlimited profit potential as well as a transparent path to the management of a 1 million dollar fund.

Get Funded

Subscribe Trade and get Paid

A refreshing alternative to opening a broker account or joining a traditional Prop firms. Personal liability is limited to the monthly subscription

Keep your profits but not your losses

Simply subscribe, start trading and earn higher and higher amounts as you progress toward the fund manager status with 1 million behind you.

Trader Progression

Consistent traders can move on to even greater funding. Pre-established targets give every determined trader a path to become a professional fund manager.

MT4 Platform

BluFX’s MT4 trading platform allows prop traders to trade on their accounts from anywhere in the world. We have traders in over 30 countries.

The Best Proprietary Trading Solution



Account values double when targets are met


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